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What services are offered?
Services include full medical coverage such as doctor visits, emergency room visits, hospital care, test, medicines and some surgeries are offered at any Clinic or County Hospital.

Who can be covered?
Los Angeles County residents who do not quality for Medi-Cal, Medicare or Covered California plan.

How much does it cost?

  • No-Cost for persons with income at or under the listed Income Limits
  • Low-Cost for those over the listed Income Limits

Clinic Care and Hospitalization Care : Persons may receive clinic care or hospitalization care at no cost if, after deductions, a person's monthly income plus other resources for the family are less than the listed income limits:

Income Limits
Family Size Monthly Limit
1 $1,343
2 $1,809
3 $2,277
4 $2,743
5 $3,210
6 $3,678

What is required?
L.A. County residence

How to file an application?
Apply at the Los Angeles County DHS Health facilities when requesting services.  To locate the nearest Los Angeles County DHS health facility, Click Here.

For more information, call (800)378-9919 or visit the Ability-to-Pay webpage.

Last Updated: June 2015
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