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Ability-To-Pay (ATP) Plan

What services are offered?
Medical care for Los Angeles County residents including prenatal, maternity, prescribed medicines, and hospitalization Services are offered at any County Hospital or Clinic.

Who can be covered?
Los Angeles County residents not eligible to full-coverage Medi-Cal may qualify for ATP.  Persons receiving restricted Medi-Cal may qualify for ATP for non-emergency and non-pregnancy related services.  Persons who are linked and potentially eligible for Medi-Cal must apply for and cooperate with the Medi-Cal application process before they can be considered for ATP.

Is there an income limit?
General Relief recipients receive care at no cost.

Clinic Income Limits
Family Size Monthly Limit
1 $901
2 $1,001
3 $1,201
4 $1,401
5 $1,601
6 $1,701

Clinic Care : Other persons may receive clinic care at no cost if, after deductions, the monthly income plus other resources in the family are less than the listed Clinic Income Limits.

Hospitalization Income Limits
Family Size Monthly Limit
1 $616
2 $766
3 $951
4 $1,116
5 $1,276
6 $1,431

Holpitalization Care: Hospitalization care is available at no cost if, after deductions, a person's monthly income plus other resources for the family are less than the listed Hospitalization income limits:

Is there a property limit?
No, but 1/12 of the value of countable property, such as checking/savings accounts, stocks and bonds, and other real property, is added to countable monthly income. If the combined income/property is over the above income limits for either Clinic or Hospitalization Care, the ATP worker will figure the ATP obligation amount.

Can an individual receive services if he/she has other health insurance?
Yes.  ATP will cover your “deductible” for private insurance, but doesn’t cover inpatient Medicare or Medi-Cal deductibles.

Is citizenship or legal residency required?
No, but must be a Los Angeles County resident and provide acceptable proof of address.

How to file an application?
Apply at the Los Angeles County DHS Health facilities when requesting services. To locate the nearest Los Angeles County DHS health facility, Click Here.

Last Updated: May 2012

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