Post-Employment Services


Post-employment services provide intensive case management and supportive services for employed participants to assist them to remain employed, obtain additional education, and advance in their careers.


  • Post-employment services are available to participants working at least 20 hours a week who remain eligible to GR.

  • Individuals' continued employment is verified every 60 days. This is done at a case manager appointment which is automatically scheduled by GROW via the ABP 1460, Case Manager Appointment Notice.

  • Post-Employment Services are voluntary and include the following services:

    • Job Retention Services: These services assist participants to resolve any barriers that may prevent them from keeping the job. This includes, but is not limited to: mentoring, counseling, networking, advice and guidance.

    • Continued Educational Development: These services encourage and assist participants to pursue additional education/training outside of the participant's work schedule. This may include referring individuals to local programs in the community and assisting participants to choose education/training programs and educational providers.

      • Transportation and other work-related expenses are available to participants in continued education/training programs.

    • Rapid Re-employment Services: These services immediately provide job search assistance to participants who lose their jobs. This includes:

      • Referring participants to job developers.

    • Supportive Services : Participants requesting domestic violence or mental health services are to be referred for those services following the existing referral process. Participants requesting help with substance abuse problems are to be referred to the Eligibility Worker.


  • When a participant is/becomes employed at least 20 hours a week:

    • Obtain verification of employment using the ABP 192, Verification of Employment Request, and set appointment for the participant to return verification within 30 days.

    • Create a Working Component (WRK) with job information.

    • Inform the Eligibility Worker using the ABP 296, Notification of Change.

    • Advise the participant about the availability of earned income disregards and the earned income tax credit, also offering Post-Employment Services if the participant will remain on aid.

  • If the participant volunteers for Post-Employment Services, arrange an exit appointment to discuss the range of services available.

  • Assign the Post-Employment Services component on the GROW computer system.

  • At the appointment, discuss desired services, make appropriate referrals, connect the participant with a job developer for mentoring, and review any needed work-related expenses for the post-employment activity (e.g., education, supportive services, etc.). If participant requests work-related expenses, authorize and post expenses on the GROW computer system.

  • Transportation issuances may be provided for a period of up to 30 days after a participant becomes employed at least 20 hours per week, as long as the GR case remains active.

  • Make arrangements with the participant for future appointments, as requested.


Following employment of 20+ hours per week, the outcomes should include:

  • An explanation to the participant about earned income disregards and earned income tax credit and any other available resources to employed persons.

  • An offer of Post-Employment Services with an exit interview for participants who volunteer for the services.

  • At the Post-Employment Services appointment, referrals for requested services, including a referral to a job developer for continued mentoring, were made.

  • Authorization of work-related expenses, including transportation, as needed, was completed.

  • The GROW computer system was updated.
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