Job Skills Preparation Class (JSPC)


Job Skills Preparation Class (JSPC) is designed to assist participants in acquiring the needed skills to obtain employment. JSPC is three weeks in duration. The first week is a job skills workshop; the second and third weeks provide supervised job search activities. During JSPC participants complete a Participant's Employment Plan (PEP) which captures essential information such as education level, job history, skills/aptitudes, and barriers to employment. The Employment Development Team (EDT) consisting of a contracted Job Coach, a Job Developer and the Case Manager meets periodically to determine the best way to assist each participant achieve his/her goals of financial independence.


  • JSPC provides comprehensive training in areas essential to conduct successful job-searching activities such as job interviewing, resume preparation and completion of job applications.
  • The role of the EDT is to encourage and motivate participants to be successful in their participation in this component.
  • Additionally, the EDT meets periodically to discuss each participant's profile to create an individualized plan for participation in the program.
  • The EDT may decide whether it would be more advantageous to refer returning JSPC participants (those who have completed JSPC in the past) to other activities such as recruitments, short-term training or other workshops instead of the traditional JSPC workshops.
  • The PEP captures essential information such as work history, education, skills, abilities, which is utilized by the EDT to prepare an individualized plan to assist the participant.
  • Some participants will need more encouragement than others. Supportive phone calls are recommended to encourage participants to attend and successfully complete JSPC.
  • Participants are required to attend JSPC dressed in attire that is appropriate for seeking employment. If a participant shows up on the first day of JSPC inappropriately dressed, the contractor will refer him/her back to the case manager for assistance. If the participant returns to JSPC on the third day still inappropriately dressed, he/she will be dropped from the activity, which will result in noncompliance.
  • Individuals who are participating less than 20 hours per week in SIPs, in Supportive Services, or in employment may also be referred to JSPC. The combination of activities must equal 20 hours per week.
  • A successful completion is one in which the participant finds full-time employment.
  • Participants who find employment of at least 20 hours per week during JSPC are no longer required to participate in GROW. However, they may receive Post-Employment Services if their GR case remains open.
  • The participant's attendance/completion is tracked/entered on the GROW system by the JSPC provider.
    • For For participants who complete JSPC, the GROW system will automatically schedule the participant for an appointment with the Case Manager to discuss the next activity. Participants remaining unemployed after JSPC might be referred to Vocational Assessment, Short-Term Training, Education/Training and/or ICM.

    • For participants who fail to participate in/or complete JSPC, the GROW system will automatically initiate noncompliance and schedule a pretermination hearing.
  • Discuss JSPC activity with the participant, motivating and encouraging the participant to attend, be on time, dress for success, and complete the activity.

  • Assess for any existing barriers to employment and make appropriate supportive services referrals.
  • Explain and have the participant sign the ABP 1463, Activity Assignment.

  • Complete ABP 821, GROW Case Manager Checklist.

  • Authorize work-related expenses, including transportation by issuing tokens to the participant for the first day of JSPC.

  • Explain to the participant that the JSPC contractor will issue transportation, upon enrollment, for the remaining time left in the activity.

  • Explain to the participant that he/she must dress in appropriate job-seeking attire while attending JSPC.
  • If a participant expresses a need for clothing prior to enrollment in JSPC, refer him/her to the Clothing Closet or issue work-related expenses to purchase clothing, as necessary.

  • If a participant is returned from JSPC because he/she is dressed inappropriately on the first day, refer him/her to the Clothing Closet or issue work-related expenses to purchase clothing, as necessary. If he/she attends JSPC on the third day still dressed inappropriately, the contractor will drop him/her from the activity, which will result in noncompliance.

  • For individuals who obtain employment during JSPC:
    • Create a Working Component (WRK) with the job information, and

    • Notify EW with the ABP 296, Notification of Change.

    • If the employment is:
      • Less than 20 hours per week, participation in JSPC continues; or

      • 20 hours or more per week, update JSPC activity as completed and offer Post-Employment Services for individuals who will remain on aid.
    • Stop all work-related expenses except for transportation which may be issued for up to thirty days after the participant receives his first paycheck.

Upon assignment to JSPC, the outcomes should include:

  • The participant and Case Manager signed the ABP 1463.
  • The participant was motivated to attend and complete JSPC.

  • The participant participated in workshops and job-searching activities that resulted in employment, or prepared the participant to conduct more efficient job seeking opportunities in the future.

  • The participant completed a PEP and received individualized assistance to conduct job-searching activities based on specific information contained in the PEP.

  • Any requested supportive services referrals were made.

  • Work-related expenses, including transportation, were authorized for JSPC enrollment.

  • The component assignment screen was completed on the GROW system.
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