Employment Specialist Guidelines

Employment Needs Evaluation


The Employment Needs Evaluation is the first activity in GROW. It captures participant information that will identify job readiness and barriers to employment. The interview is conducted at application by an Employment Specialist, a designated Eligibility Worker. The Employment Needs Evaluation information will later be reviewed by the GROW Case Manager during the Orientation/Job Skills Assessment.

For approved participants who are unemployable and later become employable and, the Employment Needs Evaluation is conducted by the GROW case manager as part of the Job Skills Assessment interview.


  • Completion of the Employment Needs Evaluation is mandatory for all employable General Relief participants.
  • The purpose of the interview is to:
    • collect information about participants' employment barriers/strengths;
    • inform them about GROW program and the benefits of employment,
    • advise them that their GR is time limited,
    • notify the participant he/she must attend an Orientation appointment prior to aid being approved: and
    • schedule the participant to a Orientation appointment.
      NOTE: Only English and Spanish speaking participants are directly scheduled to GROW Orientation from this activity. Non-English and Non-Spanish speaking participants will receive an appointment notice by mail to attend GROW after aid is approved. Homeless applicants should be advised to periodically check their mail at the district.

  • Participants who fail to appear for the Employment Needs Evaluation Interview will have their GR application denied.
  • The ABP 154, Employment Specialist Referral, is discussed with and signed by the participant.
  • Participants who are noncustodial parents are and informed about Welfare-to-Work training programs and asked to complete the ABP 191, Noncustodial Parent-to-Work Certification Form.
  • If the Employment Needs Evaluation indicates a participant has a physical or mental health problem, the participant is:
    • referred to contracted medical provider for an employability screening; or
    • referred to colocated staff for an NSA evaluation; and
    • exempted code M.
  • If the participant is later determined to be employable, he/she will be referred to GROW.
  • Interview the participant, obtaining background, education and work history information.
  • Update the Employment Needs Evaluation screens on GROW.
  • Explain time limits and participation in GR is mandatory.
  • Explain how the GROW Program can help the participant find a job.
  • Issue housing voucher and/or make employability screening/NSA evaluation referrals, when appropriate.
  • Inform the participant he/she must attend a GROW Orientation appointment prior to aid being approved.
  • Schedule English and Spanish speaking participants to the next available appointment via the Orientation Appointment Letter, ABP 1461-A.
  • Issue tokens for participants who are scheduled to Orientation.

Upon completion of the Employment Needs Evaluation interview, the outcomes should include:

  • The participant signed the ABP 154 and completed the ABP 191 (if a noncustodial parent).
  • The participant was informed that before aid can be approved, he/she must attend a GROW Orientation appointment.
  • Participants unable to participate due to physical or mental health problems have been referred for evaluation and exempted code M.
  • Homeless participants were referred to intake worker for issuance of a housing voucher.
  • The participant has an understanding of time limits and GROW requirements.
  • The Employment Needs Evaluation screens were completed on the GROW system.
  • The participant was scheduled to a GROW Orientation appointment and given ABP 1461-A.
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