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Semi-Annual Reporting for CalWORKs and CalFresh Information:

Semi-Annual Reporting for CalFresh only Information:

Quarterly Reporting (QR) Information


Quarterly Reporting means participants are required to submit a Quarterly Report (QR 7) once every three months. Eligibility and benefits for the upcoming quarter (three month period) will be based on information provided on the QR 7.

Participants are asked to report information on the QR 7 such as income, property and changes to their household. The QR 7 asks participants to also report expected/anticipated changes in income or expenses over the next three months. Participants have limited reporting requirements during the quarter.

Major features of Quarterly Reporting are as follows:
Participants are required to submit an income/eligibility report once per quarter (in the third month of the quarter). Eligibility and benefits for a three-month period are based on information provided on the QR 7.
The QR 7 asks for information regarding income, property, and household composition for the quarter, as well as any expected/anticipated changes in income, property or household composition over the next three-month period.
Benefits will remain at the same level for the three months of the quarter, except under specific circumstances.
Participants will have limited mandatory requirements during the quarter.

Printable important instructions concerning the QR 7 form
Printable QR 7
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How to fill out your QR 7 Quarterly Eligibility/Status Report:

Instructions and Penalties Eligibility/Status Report:

  • If you do not send in a complete report including, but not limited to, answering all questions on the QR 7 and attaching proof, your benefits may be delayed, changed, or stopped. Attach a separate sheet of paper, if needed.
  • Facts you report may result in your benefits going up or down, or being stopped.
  • Send in your completed report by the 5th of the month after the report month.


The QR 7 is due by QR Cycle. Participants are assigned to a QR Cycle (the three-month Quarterly Reporting period) based on the last digit of the case number (this number can be found on the EBT card). The QR 7 is due on the fifth day of the third (or last month) of the Quarterly Reporting period.

The information below shows the QR Cycle (the three-month Quarterly Reporting period), the month the participant will be reporting for and when the Quarterly Eligibility/Status Report (QR 7) is due to the County.

How to read the chart:

1. Find the QR Cycle.
2. Go to the next column to find the month the participant will be reporting for.
3. Now read the next column to find out when the QR 7 is due to the County.

Example: The participant is in QR Cycle 1. The participant will be reporting for the month of June. The QR 7 is due to the County on July 5th. The next report will be for September, due October 5th, etc.

QR Cycle
The participant will receive a QR 7 for the report month of:
The QR 7 is due to the County by:
July 5th
October 5th
January 5th
April 5th
August 5th
November 5th
February 5th
May 5th
September 5th
December 5th
March 5th
June 5th
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